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Therapy for Domestic Violence

Healing from
Intimate Partner Violence

Supporting survivors of intimate partner violence is one of the most rewarding counselling I provide.  Since 1998, I have been fortunate to be addressing the issue of violence and abuse dynamics in relationships.  I have amassed a great deal of knowledge and expertise on the topic of intimate partner violence and have learned the skills that effectively support the survivor through their process.

When violence and abuse begin in a relationship, it becomes a complex situation due to the cycle of abuse, increasingly dangerous, and begins to have devastating impact to those experiencing the abuse, often not just the victim, but the whole family.  I am acutely aware of the many ways victims are changed and the pain that lingers, regardless if you are still in the situation, or the relationship has ended.

Abuse does not always include the use of violence.  I know that abuse is complicated, especially when we are coping with the use of coercion control.  The impact to the survivor is my focus, and I have the therapeutic tools that can help you heal from the repeated and devastating experiences of all the forms of abuse.

Leaving an abusive relationship is a very dangerous time and being prepared to leave is key.  I can support with you many parts of getting ready to leave and connect you to other support resources to meet other needs.  I am skilled at assessing risk, safety planning, supporting your children, and focusing on your emotional and physical wellbeing while you work towards your goal of living a life without abuse.

I have experience working with children and youth, including those who have witnessed the abuse of a parent, and/or who have been abused themselves.  I can support you with parenting to address all the ways your child may be impacted and help you with your own emotional health to support your parenting during a very difficult time.

Heal from trauma
Intimate Partner Violence  Power and Control

Forms of Abuse

Heal from Domestic Violence
How Children experience domestic violence

Children & Abuse

I’ve had the privilege to be a witness many survivors who want to finally address the impact the abuse had on them, even decades later.  I can help you understand the many ways abuse impacted you, and how previous experiences adds complexity to your healing process.  I can teach you the strategies to help you heal the impact to the body, the mind, and heal your emotional wounds. Using my trauma therapies, I can support you in processing traumatic experiences, so you can leave the past in the past and focus on the future you want.  You can change how you feel and think about yourself, and learn to trust others again and have safe healthy relationships.  

I’ve worked with many survivors who come to therapy after the ending of an abusive relationship.  Just because the relationship has ended, especially if you have children with the ex-partner, doesn’t mean the abuse or control dynamics has stopped.  I can support you while you continue to cope with the forms of abuse you continue to experience, or while you go through the process of surviving the court process (criminal and/or family court).

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Expert working with men who use abuse in their relationships, and wants to share what he learned with the women who experience the abuse.

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