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Clinical Supervision

 I support other social workers with understanding how their past experiences influence and impact their service delivery.  I share tools and straegies that enhances your confidence, your skills, and strengths.  I focus on enhancing therapeutic skills, facilitating reflective practice, and promoting your wellness, which has an impact to your service delivery and client outcomes.  

I create a safe process to explore the risks that comes with our work, such as compassion fatigue, burnout, and/or vicarious trauma by building on your strengths, your overall health, your confidence, and facilitate vicarious resiliency and compassion satisfaction.

Over my many years of delivering direct services to clients in a variety of settings, I understand the complexity of our work, and I’ve learned how to get through the intense moments, the immense stress, and the impact to our wellbeing.  I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned from those that have taught me.  I want to support other social workers in learning key strengths to foster healthy boundaries, strategies for reducing stress, learn to be reflective and mindful, and how to focus on their wellbeing while they support others.

a pine tree from georgian bay, ontario,
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