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Clinical Supervision and Coaching

Social Work Support engages with organizations or individuals to deliver clinical development and coaching to workers delivering services to clients. Tricia focuses on enhancing therapeutic skills, facilitating reflective practice, and promoting wellness all designed to improve client outcomes. Clinical supervision can be offered individually or in a group setting to review ethical dilemmas, case consultations, crisis debrief, and implementing evidence based approaches or interventions.

As an external resource to workers Tricia creates a safe process to explore feelings about cases, learn and practice new skills, and build on strengths of workers. Tricia addresses risk of compassion fatigue or vicarious trauma by facilitating vicarious resiliency, emotional health, and confidence.

For Organizations

Tricia is available to your staff and Managers on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis for team or individual clinical supervision, as well as for crisis debrief sessions. Parameters regarding confidentiality are agreed upon ahead of time, while Tricia retains confidential client files and supports staff in their direct service with clients and the impact to their well-being.

For Individuals & Groups

Tricia is available to help you in meeting best practices in clinical social work by providing regularly scheduled clinical supervision to support you in your direct service to clients and address the impact to you as the helper. Tricia explores in a safe and confidential setting issues of transference, ethics, challenging cases, skill development, and vicarious trauma, 

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