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Consultant & Trainer

Most of my career has involved program management and supporting other social workers delivering services to clients.  This role has been a privilege and has reinforced my commitment to supporting other social workers in developing their skills, supporting them through ethical situations, and reducing risk of impact to them as helpers.

can be available to your staff and leadership team on a bi-weekly, or monthly basis for group or individual clinical supervision, as well as for crisis debrief sessions.  I provide case consultation and support with implementing evidence based approaches or interventions to meet the needs of your clients.   Parameters regarding format, process, and goals are agreed upon ahead of time to meet your specific needs. I retain all session notes as part of my practice, and these files are considered confidential.

As an external resource to workers I create a safe process to explore feelings about cases, learn and practice new skills, and focus on their own wellbeing and health. I address the risks that comes with our work-  compassion fatigue, burnout, and/or vicarious trauma by building on your strengths, your overall health, your confidence, and facilitate vicarious resiliency and compassion satisfaction.


Throughout my career I have amassed extensive experience developing and delivering workshops, information sessions, and trainings.  I create interactive, engaging, and relevant training focused on adult learners, meeting the unique needs of the audience, delivering content focused on evidence based practices.  Training topics include:

Becoming Trauma Informed

Sexual Assault (the law, consent, trauma responses, healing from

Support Group Facilitation

Harm Reduction

Internal Family System- working with your parts for meaningful change and healing

Boundaries with Client

Ethical Documentation

Domestic Violence (assessing risk, cycle of abuse, surviving and healing, impact to children)

Neighbours, Friends, & Families: Domestic Violence in Workplace

Public Speaking for Survivors

Supporting Parents to Support their Children 

Consultant and Training Services with Tricia Porter
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