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Therapy with Tricia Porter

BSW, MSW, Registered Social Worker
EMDR Therapist, EMDR Canada


Thank you for your interest in my services.
I am currently NOT accepting new referrals
My Approach

Through my years of providing social work support and participating in ongoing trainings on different modalities, I have witnessed the strength of applying an integrated approach to therapy.  After learning more about you and your goals, I introduce and implement interventions that are specific to you, focused on your strengths, your readiness, and your desired outcomes. Together we create a plan and we equip you with the resources and skills to take on the next steps.  I meet you where you are at, go at your pace, and meet your needs using  the approaches that suits you best. 

About Me

I'm passionate about my work.  It's a privilege to witness the strength of people in the face of adversity with the intention of healing, and connecting to the future they want.  I see my role as being a guide at exploring where people feel stuck, offering choices, watching the growth take place and seeing them meet their desired outcomes.

I invite you to see how I can support you in your healing process.

Therapy Sessions

Counselling for Adolescents and Adults


Short-term or Long-term therapy


Eye Movement Desentization Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy for a recent traumatic incident, or historical traumas

Clinical Supervision

Engage in ethical and reflective social work practice through clinical supervision.

Consulting &

Project management, program development, staff support, and training facilitation for skill development.

Get support with...

Trauma &

One time incidents of trauma

Repeated forms of trauma 

Historical or Recent 

Coping with trauma responses

Processing of trauma


Heal from wounds stemming from insecure attachment, including parental neglect, adoption, death of a parent, early experiences of trauma, and changes to family structure.

Intimate Partner Violence

Know dynamics of abuse and its impact on those affected.  Get support with your process. Learn to cope with process stuck memories of abuse.  Reconnect to a life without abuse- Learn More

Mental Health & Addiction

Support for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, bi-polar, and borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, and self-injury


Heal from experiences of childhood sexual abuse and/or sexual assault.  One time incident or repeated forms of abuse- learn how to feel safe in your body, trust others, and heal the emotional wounds.


Understand your reactions to your children's behaviour.  Learn strategies that fosters the relationship you want with your children.  End intergenerational parenting wounds.

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