Social Work Support

With Tricia Porter, MSW, RSW.

Consulting Services

Social Work Support engages with organizations to deliver extensive clinical expertise; supporting program development and evaluation, service delivery, training, and clinical development for employees.  Social Work Support consulting helps organizations meet funding and accreditation standards, enhances delivery of services, and supports management and front-line workers in providing evidence based services to improve positive client outcomes. 

Tricia can be brought in as a consultant for a special project on a short term basis or can be retained for a long-term contract.  Tricia can be a resource for management, staff, or service users delivering specialized counselling services.

Consulting services meet the standards of applicable legislation, including Code of Ethics of Ontario College of Social Workers, Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act (PHIPAA), Child and Family Services Act, Education Act, and Mental Health Act.

Consulting services are focused on the following four areas:

Program Development
and Evaluation

Public Education Program Development
Audits and Operational Reviews
Needs Assessments
Program Evaluation
Program Implementation
Statistical Analysis

Special Projects

Policy & Procedures
Logic Models
Survivor Engagement
File/Case Review
Records and Database Management
Office of Children's Lawyer Reports

Direct Services
To Clients

Individual Counselling
Group Counselling
Adults, Teens, and Children
Psycho-Education Groups
Crisis Debrief